​​​​Consultation for process design and logistics set-up

A Co-op for small volume shippers, free membership to tap crowdsourcing power 

We have more than 20 years experience in SCM management with different industries.  From multinational high-tech corp to fashion and luxury watches, we have conducted projects on process design,  process improvement and supply chain compliance.  We deploy methodologies such as SCOR, LEAN and Six Sigma. 

The world is becoming smaller with the internet, the old days of thinking BIG needs adaptation to the new chic of uniqueness and individuality of fewer quantity for new functions and experience.  We design processes to fit this change in shipping volume and by pooling with other traders we can be BIG too. 


Innoe HK Co Ltd is a startup company aimed at providing Supply Chain Solutions for other startups of e-commerce and new product launch. 



About us


2016 - good start!

We are now a reseller of bindoPOS allowing us to provide an end to end solution for e-merchants' logistics, operation, payment and OTO CRM management .

Incubator for new ideas! Tell us what your ideas are and we will match you with the investors 


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