NEW!  INNOEHK is now a total e-commerce logistics and POS solution  provider. 

We are a reseller of  bindoPOS (a sophisticated OTO retail technology solution) together with our expertise in logistics and operations, we can manage inventory, delivery and payment and cloud-based CRM in one platform, call us or leave your contact so that we can tell you more!

Innovating ...... eTrade flows

We providefree membership ​​for small or startup online traders.  The more we are the better the deals we get in insurance, storage and transportation.  Register now!

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Incorporated since Feb 2015

Our corporate mission : "Innovating ...... eTrade flows"

3. Incubator

2. Shippers' co-op

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Our core business concerns :

1. Consultation

We provide consultation services for supply chain management set-up for all start-up product companies and online traders.  Contact us!